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Iterative Algorithms with Variable Coefficients for Multivalued Generalized -Hemicontractive Mappings without Generalized Lipschitz Assumption

Fixed Point Theory and Applications20112011:982352

  • Received: 24 November 2010
  • Accepted: 17 August 2011
  • Published:


We introduce and study some new Ishikawa-type iterative algorithms with variable coefficients for multivalued generalized -hemicontractive mappings. Several new fixed-point theorems for multivalued generalized -hemicontractive mappings without generalized Lipschitz assumption are established in -uniformly smooth real Banach spaces. A result for multivalued generalized -hemicontractive mappings with bounded range is obtained in uniformly smooth real Banach spaces. As applications, several theorems for multivalued generalized -hemiaccretive mapping equations are given.

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Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Mathematics and Physics, Anhui University of Architecture, Hefei, Anhui, 230022, China