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On generalized vector quasivariational-like inequality problems

Fixed Point Theory and Applications20052005:263107

Received: 6 September 2004

Published: 25 October 2005


We introduce a class of generalized vector quasivariational-like inequality problems in Banach spaces. We derive some new existence results by using KKM-Fan theorem and an equivalent fixed point theorem. As an application of our results, we have obtained as special cases the existence results for vector quasi-equilibrium problems, generalized vector quasivariational inequality and vector quasi-optimization problems. The results of this paper generalize and unify the corresponding results of several authors and can be considered as a significant extension of the previously known results.

Authors’ Affiliations

Post Graduate Department of Mathematics, University of Jammu, India
Post Graduate Department of Applied Mathematics, BGSB University, Rajouri, India
Department of Mathematics, Government Degree College, Rajouri, India


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