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Takahashi's Legacy in Fixed Point Theory

On March 31st, 2009, Professor Wataru Takahashi retired from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

We dedicate this special issue in honor of Professor Takahashi. Professor Takahashi has tremendous influence in fixed point theory and applications, through his outstanding research activities with over 300 journal publications—the total citations of his papers exceeds 2000 times, according to the MathSciNet—and supervision of 43 graduate students spanning more than 40 years. The 33 articles in this issue contain significant contributions reflecting his works including fixed point theory, approximation of fixed points in nonlinear analysis, and convex analysis.

Professor Takahashi continues to be extremely active on research after his retirement.

Finally, we are grateful to Professor Ravi Agarwal and the publishers of the journal Fixed Point Theory and Applications for giving us the opportunity to edit this special issue.

Anthony To-Ming LauTomonari Suzuki

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