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A Note on Asymptotic Contractions

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Fixed Point Theory and Applications20062007:039465

  • Received: 27 August 2006
  • Accepted: 16 October 2006
  • Published:


We provide sufficient conditions for the iterates of an asymptotic contraction on a complete metric space to converge to its unique fixed point, uniformly on each bounded subset of .


  • Differential Geometry
  • Computational Biology
  • Asymptotic Contraction


Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, The University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW, 2308, Australia
Department of Mathematics, The Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, 32000, Israel


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© Marina Arav et al. 2007

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